DUDEA Chronicle

The DUDEA latex manufactory is managed by a latex fetish couple who themselves play extensively and sometimes quite dirty in and with latex. When exploring the body, ideas for new latex articles always come up, but also new game variations for even more fun alone or in pairs. But also ideas and experiences of friends and customers find their way into our rubber life.

And so we have been successfully producing clinic rubber underwear, rubber diapers for adult play, erotic latex outer and undergarments and latex fashion for 15 years now. Latex lovers, dominas and specialist dealers all over Germany, Europe, Japan and the USA trust the high quality of natural latex for real games in a sweet and seductive rubber scent without chemical additives. DUDEA stands for handwork with high durability and latex with extreme elasticity at reasonable prices with the friendliest service. DUDEA rubber underwear is available up to size 4 XL in the online shop or in your fetish boutique. Ask your trusted dealer, visit our online shop!
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How it all began

DUDEA has a longer history than you might think, because its predecessor is the L + L latex laboratory in Essen. As a family business in the next generation, we rebuilt the production in Elmshorn, near Hamburg. In the meantime we are a small team with 5 permanent and partly full-time employees. We have already celebrated one or the other anniversary.

Latex production is literally a hot affair: we manufacture our latex for DUDEA natural latex rubber lingerie ourselves and need a lot of heat for it. All our garments are handcrafted with the utmost care. How good that in summer at the entrance to our studio is an ice cream parlor. Not only breaks, but also planning for new product ideas or thinking about how we implement customer requirements, can be wonderfully spent there with a refreshing ice cream.

Our self-image

Our primary goal is to satisfy you more than just. We are convinced that it is necessary to always offer the best quality. We know what latex clothing needs to meet. And especially our clinic rubber laundry articles are particularly stressed in use. Therefore, all of our products are always tested to find out where to improve the design and durability.

DUDEA boutique in Hamburg

On September 5, 2016, we opened the doors of our DUDEA rubber paradise until April 2018: here rubber lovers found 300 square meters of latex as far as the eye could see. 

The DUDEA rubber paradise was the contact point for latex outer and lower clothing in Hamburg.

The expected visitor on an area of ​​300 square meters, spread over 2 floors:

  • Latex by DUDEA for erotic as well as clinic, adult play, transformation
  • DUDEA latex outerwear and underwear as well as a large selection of selected manufacturers:
    DEMASK, Latexa, DUDEA ...
  • Latex boots and shoes
  • PVC Clothes
  • Gum-Toys
  • gas masks
  • Clinic accessories (hoses, taps, valves, connectors, pressure balls ...)
  • Steel and SM Accessories / Bondage, Straitjackets
  • Latex and rubber media

The rubber paradise in Hamburg was easily accessible by car and public transport. 

And of course we also made appointments and celebrated one or the other rubber night.

Our shop offered ample and generous changing / fitting options.

In addition, we could have measurements taken so that we can make your latex upper and lower layer to measure in our atelier in Elmshorn.

Or you could discuss your wishes and ideas with us in a relaxed atmosphere at our spacious counter with a delicious drink. We turn your dreams into rubber.

In the DUDEA latex store in Hamburg you were immersed in the bewitching DUDEA rubber scent!

Best regards,

Your DUDEA team