latex care

General information

You will receive your DUDEA item in a hygienically packed and discreet manner.

To ensure that you enjoy your personal DUDEA collection for a long time, please note the following care instructions:

  • Do not expose your latex products to UV radiation.
  • Do not use oils that do not give clear indications of being latex-compatible.
  • Clean your DUDEA item after each use with lukewarm water and DUDEA Latex Wash & Clean.
  • Powder your DUDEA rubber clothing regularly to maintain its durability and the feeling of new latex. Alternatively, you can use DUDEA Shine & Care.
  • Avoid sharp objects or even tearing with long fingernails, especially when dressing. In this case, we do not guarantee, but of course we are happy to help with the repair. Of course, you will also receive a repair kit consisting of various latex pieces, latex adhesive and an application description.

DUDEA Care: The care range from DUDEA

DUDEA latex means 2 generations of latex laundry made from natural latex. DUDEA therefore knows what is important when it comes to latex care.
DUDEA Care helps with care and gives the real shiny latex look from which the eyes can no longer turn away!

You can find the following care products in practical, resealable dosing bottles and cans:

  1. DUDEA Care Shine & Care: 250 ml for care after washing or the nourishing high-gloss polish of your latex clothing
  2. DUDEA Care Wash & Clean: 250 ml detergent for your latex and PVC clothing. Odorless, removes body fluids and silicone oil
  3. DUDEA Care Talcum powder: 100 g in powder box with screw cap. Snow white in pharmaceutical quality
  4. DUDEA Care Glide & Play: 100 ml odorless, absolutely latex-compatible lubricant with a slightly sweet taste. DUDEA Latex Glide & Play is food grade and therefore harmless for contact with mucous membranes.

Chlorination with Silky Latex

Chlorination changes the latex surface so that latex clothing glides more on the skin. Catsuits, for example, are much easier to put on - without silicone oil. Many customers also like the feeling of chlorinated latex on their skin because it feels even softer and smoother. Chlorinated latex can also be polished to a high gloss with DUDEA Shine & Care.
Other customers mean that chlorinated latex does not offer the “real latex feeling” and even takes the typical and desired latex smell.

So there is no right or wrong if you opt for or against chlorination. Chlorination of latex is ultimately a matter of taste and has a few advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages are: Latex clothing is easier to put on and take off again, is easier to care for, as it does not stick together and therefore after washing siliconizing or powdering are no longer necessary.

Disadvantages are: Chlorinated latex clothing can be repaired almost no more or only with great effort.

We use Silky Latex for chlorination.