2 chamber latex sleeping bag


Playable, inflatable bondage sleeping bag with 2 chambers.
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Playable, inflatable bondage sleeping bag with 2 chambers

  • Elaborate and sturdy latex sleeping bag. The outer latex layer is made of 0.6 mm thick latex and the inner layer of 0.4 mm thick latex.
    The thicker outer latex layer provides resistance that is large enough for the bag to inflate as it inflates and does not expand further outward.
  • The sleeping bag consists of two separate chambers, which can be inflated independently. One chamber is below (on the back of the body), the other above (on the front of the body).
  • Once both chambers are fully inflated, one is immobilized in the sleeping bag.
  • With opening to access to the sex parts of man and woman for the special rubber games. The sleeping bag is for her as well as for him.
  • We make the sleeping bag with 7 latex belts with enough eyelets and metal buckles as well as metal and latex rings. Fabric is incorporated in the belts so that the eyelets can not tear through the latex and withstand tension.
  • On the sides left and right of the sleeping bag is a broad, thick latex strap, which works as a loop to fix the latex belt. On the other hand, there are sturdy steel rings with a diameter of 6 cm on the straps at the top and bottom ends.
    The latex straps are firmly riveted to the sleeping bag, so that the user can be tied to the rings and can not escape.
  • The sleeping bag has a sturdy 3-way zipper on the back, which of course is backed with latex from the inside, so that no skin contact takes place. The zipper is riveted to the top and bottom of the sleeping bag.
  • The sleeping bag ends at the feet with a foot part and at the neck with a stand-up collar (4 cm).
  • The sleeping bag is easy and quick to inflate through the round latex tubes. The air can be pushed out just as quickly.
  • We recommend an electric pump with which the chambers are inflated in a short time. You can also order a corresponding pump when selecting the option.

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