Accessories for the underbust corsage with printing device and top with printing device


The only and real rubber corset made of 1,5 mm thick latex from a single cast with extensions from “Sexy Look in Latex”, to Heavy Rubber or Femdom, to wet and damp NS games. Please take your time as there are many choices.
A detailed description can be found below.

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Should the article be a woman or a man?
If you do not make a choice, we will make the item in women's size.

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1. crotch strap

Do you want a pair of crotch straps?

2. Strapsbänder

Would you like button-on, length-adjustable suspender straps? You can choose between metal clips and suspenders for hooking.

3.1 vagina harness

Do you want a vagina harness (0,4 mm Latex)? The solid rubber ring is transparent.

3.2 dildo harness

Do you want a harness for the woman with a firmly attached vaginal dildo (length: 12,5 cm; diameter: 4,5 cm)?

4. lust dishes

Would you like a harness?

5. NS tableware

Would you like a piss / NS harness (choose sex above)? The latex piss bag is transparent or black

6.1 Penetratable latex vagina on harness

That's very bizarre. Further information on the different versions can be found below. Take your time. Because that will be a latex article that will make you explode.

6.2 Squirting latex vagina

Should the rubber toy be controlled out of itself and inject lubricant or liquid endlessly? (If you have not chosen a latex vagina, no choice is needed here)

7. StrapOn tableware

Would you like a StrapOn harness with strap-on dildo?

Delivery time: 20 working days

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Accessories for the corsage and latex top with printing device

Here you will find all available accessories for the DUDEA underbust corsage with printing device. You will not receive the corsage in this selection box, only the accessories. In general, the accessories that you can choose here for the corsage, fit on the Latextop with harness device (Link opens new tab). The accessories are so versatile.

  1. Schrittremen (Picture no. 1 in the collage): Click on the length-adjustable crotch straps at the front and back of the top. The crotch bands emphasize the step particularly teasingly and seductively. The crotch straps are also particularly good to wear with a rubber diaper pants, because the crotch bands additionally seal off again.
  2. Strapsbänder (Image No. 2 in the collage): You can button up to 12 length adjustable latex straps. The straps are made with metal clips or suspenders for hooking. Both variants are suitable for both latex and nylon stockings. For example, you can wear straps and crockery or crotch straps on the corsage at the same time. There are many possible combinations.
    Incidentally, the suspender straps also fit this garter belt (Link opens new tab).
  3. vagina dishes for the woman (picture no. 3 in collage): Also this harness is easy to attach to the top.
    Optionally you can also choose this harness with a vaginal dildo instead of the vaginal solid rubber ring.
  4. lust dishes for the man (Image Nr. 4 in collage): Attach this panty with solid rubber erection ring to the top.
    You can also choose to have this harness with a solid anal rubber ring or an anal dildo. We also recommend a pair of crotch straps to hold the dildo firmly in place and prevent it from sliding out.
    Matching to the Lustring there are the various latex penis sheaths, all of which fit the harness and can also be replaced by the double ring system.
    The matching ones Latex penis sheaths can be found here (a new tab will open).
  5. NS tableware (Image No. 5 in collage): Choose this harness if you are a lover of wet latex eroticism.
    Again, we recommend additionally a pair of crotch straps to prevent leakage on the sides.
  6. Penetratable DUDEA latex vagina (Image no. 6 in the collage): Our real latex vagina on harness in anatomical form in various designs. Detailed information about our DUDEA latex vagina can be found here here (a new window / tab opens).
  7. StrapOn tableware (Picture No. 7 in the collage): Button the StrapOn harness firmly to the corsage and put on the harness again a StrapOn dildo of your choice. The strap-on dildo itself is also buttoned with snaps on the harness and thus also interchangeable. The StrapOn dildos are of course also suitable our strap-on panty (Link opens new tab).

All accessories are also available individually and subsequently in our shop to buy.

Dialing options

  • Color: Please choose the main and contrast color for the top and also the main and contrast color for the harness or the crotch bands
  • Size: Please choose your suitable size. Please let us know your height in addition to the chosen size.
  • Accessories: Please choose whether we should make the top with crotch straps, or a harness.
    Additional harnesses are available in our online boutique here

Further information

  • You do not always find yourself in a size chart, is between two dimensions. All latex products are also made to measure. If necessary, please select this option in the size selection.


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