Latex catsuit with applique on the neckline


Beautiful catsuit with color stripes and additional, selectable options.
More details can be found below.

Delivery time: 12 weeks

Size * 

Please choose a size.

main color * 

Please choose the main color of the item.
When choosing the color, please note whether it is available in your desired latex thickness. Available latex thicknesses are listed next to the colors: Color - latex thickness

contrasting color * 

Please choose a contrasting color: Latex stripe on the neckline

latex * 

How thick should the latex be? Please note in your choice whether the thickness is available in the desired color (see main color).
The thinner, the more pleasing the latex nestles on the skin. Thick latex, on the other hand, is harder to stretch and may have the feeling of being trapped or protected.

zipper * 

Please tell us which zipper we should include in your catsuit.
The front zipper starts at the front of the neck and runs through the crotch to the coccyx. The back zipper starts at the neck and runs through the crotch to below the waist.

Gloves * 

Please complete your catsuit below: Would you like your catsuit with gloves or mittens?

booties * 

Do you want to have booties on your catsuit?

Mask * 

Would you like a mask or a hood on your catsuit?
If so, we will make the catsuit with a back zipper.

internal condom * 

Should your catsuit have inner condoms?
The condom is 15-16 cm long and has a diameter of 3,8-4 cm.

Latex vagina * 

Should your catsuit be made with the DUDEA latex vagina?
You can find more information about the “game types” in the “Transformation” shop section.
Depending on the selected zipper, it ends at the waist front or back.

Chlorierung * 

Should we chlorinate the article for you with Silky?

Loyalty points - DUDEA GUM-Glories:269 points

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Here's your new catsuit

Beautiful catsuit with stripes of color to accentuate the décolleté. Draw attention to the top. The catsuit is optionally available with front or back zip, footlets and gloves and other accessories.


We process Radical Rubber in different colors and strengths.
Our zippers are the same color as the selected latex color (except transparent, here we use a white zipper).



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