Enema orgasm pump

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The rubber enema orgasm pump consists of:

  1. Inflatable Enema Rubber Orgasm Pump
    The enema liquid runs through the thick tube.
    On the thick tube, a smaller tube is connected, over which the latex orgasm ball is pumped up and made to pulsate with the large pressure ball.
    By pulsing, the latex ball and the enema fluid press against the prostate or G-spot and stimulate to the climax.
    The rubber orgasm pump consists of about 0,5 mm soft latex.
    On the inflatable enema orgasm pump is the
  2. Rubber Klyso pump
    Pressing on the klysoball will suck in the fluid and flow through the enema orgasm pump to its destination.

All hoses are made of latex.

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  1. Analdonia / TV ... -

    So the enema orgasm pump is something wonderful, yes, the entire large intestine is nicely tumbled through and the filling volume is also very important (it should be adapted to the absorption capacity ..) should already be about 2,5 liters or more, so that the transverse intestine as well is stimulated under the diaphragm and so an unbelievable "intestinal orgasm" can be experienced, which makes the entire colon shake !!!
    a wonderful deep intestinal orgasm is therefore almost always possible with the clyster pump *** my large intestine has become a very valuable sexual organ and come only in the large intestine to orgasm! even without stimulating the front ***

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