Combination Splash: panties and bra


Sparkling, sexy latex combination consisting of latex panties and latex bra in the color creamy-red. The red color applications and of course the cheeky handprint are of course made of latex.
Please choose the right size, give us the bra size and tell us the desired material thickness.
On request, we can also make the panties open in crotch with a white latex rolling ring.
The bra can also be equipped with white rubber rings on request to access the nipples. The diameter is 4 cm.

Delivery time: 30 working days

Size * 

Please choose the size

Bust size

To give the article a better fit, please tell us the bra size.

latex * 

In which latex starch should we make slip and bra?

Step open

Should the crotch be equipped with a thin, white latex roller ring?

nipples free

Should the bra be fitted with two white nipple latex rings (inside diameter 4 cm)?


Should we chlorinate panties and bras for you?

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