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Welcome to the DUDEA Latex vagina configurator. Choose between various options and look below for the selection fields: there you will find detailed descriptions. Of course, we enrich everything with pictures and a video.
Whether on pants, bodies or catsuits, with condoms, whether wet splashing for sliding pleasure or as a man water like a woman: Take your time, create your dream rubber vagina and tell us whether the latex vagina of Wife or husband should be borne.

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Choose the latex article for your latex vagina

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How should the letexvagina be?

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Should the rubber toy be controlled out of itself and inject lubricant or liquid endlessly?

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What size should the basic article have?

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Which color should the basic article have?
Please note: the color choice depends on the basic article and the available latex thickness.

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Create your own latex vagina and choose from the following components

  1. With which latex article do you want to use the rubber stain on your body?
    1. Slip, panty, biker, ankle-length tight leggings
    2. Bondage Body
    3. Catsuit
  2. How should your latex vagina be? (see below for more details)
    1. Not penetrable: nature, nature with penis piss sheath for urinating from the urethra of the rubber vagina, nature with piss bladder
    2. Penetrable: without vaginal / anal condoms, with vaginal / anal condoms in different material thicknesses
    3. Should the Latexvagina inject wet juice for more beautiful sliding games (further explanation see below)?
    4. The latex vagina is always opaque transparent as shown in the photos. Please write to us if you want the latex vagina in black, white or red.
  3. What size should the latex article have?
    Sizes S to 4XL and on your personal body size
  4. Which color should the latex article have?
    Four colors for panties, panty and cyclists. 20 colors for the body and catsuit
  5. Which material thickness should the latex article have?
    0,25 mm; 0,4 mm; 0,6 mm; 0,8 mm; 1,0 mm
    Please note when choosing which material thickness the respective colors are available.

Texture of the DUDEA latex vaginas

There are two basic models: the first model we call “latex vagina natural”, the second “latex vagina penetrable”.
Both models are anatomically molded from 1 mm thick natural latex, have a slightly sweet smell of latex and are pleasantly soft.
Both models are differently configurable for the most different bizarre games in rubber:

1. Latex vagina nature:

The DUDEA latex vagina is available in three variants:

  1. Nature (not penetrable)
  2. With Latex Pissblase: Connect the Pisspatrone to the rubber pussy and leave the
    Pussy out of the cartridge piss as much and as long as you want. The piss bladder is worn comfortably and removably on the base article.
    In addition to the latex tube we recommend a thin kink-proof PVC tube.
  3. With latex penis piss wrap: Slip into the penile sleeve, connect it to the urethra of the rubber loop
    and piss off the rubber pussy.
    In addition to the latex tube we recommend a thin kink-proof PVC tube. For lovers of feminization.

2. Latexvagina Penetrierbar, optionally with condoms:

  • It is pentrable both vaginally and anally. It has flexible openings: an erect penis with a diameter of up to 8 cm (!) Slides into the narrow, but highly stretchable rubber vaginal and anal opening.
  • The penetrable rubber pussy is available with and without vaginal and anal condoms.
  • For the vaginal and anal condoms you can choose between the material thicknesses 0,2 mm, 0,4 mm and 0.6 mm.
  • The condoms have a diameter of 4 cm and are 18 cm long. They are made of soft DUDEA natural latex and extremely elastic.

Should the Latexvagina inject wet juice for more beautiful sliding games?

In addition, you can provide your latex vagina with an ejaculator for the DUDEA rubber cunt juice for the horny wet F ...
The urethra of the latex vagina is connected to a latex tube, which is guided in the pants in front of the abdominal wall to high below the waist and there emerges from the garment again. Due to the situation, the Schauch does not buckle.
Connect the tube with a smooth cannula syringe (of course without a needle) and pump the DUDEA gum juice into the pussy. The juice exits the front of the urethra and makes the penis, condoms and latex vagina really wet and lubricious.
We supply the latex-friendly and food-safe DUDEA rubber cot juice and the matching needle syringe. You can of course also find it separately in our shop (DUDEA Care - Long Glide & Play).


Watch here a small video in which our fully rubberized model demonstrates the penetrable DUDEA latex vagina and the cumshot (with sound):

Additional Information


Panties, Panty, Radler, Leggings, Bondage-Body, Catsuit

Rubber pussy

Natural, nature with penis piss, nature with pissbladder, penetrable without condoms, penetrating with vaginal condom 0,2 mm, penetrating with vaginal condom 0,4 mm, penetrating with vaginal condom 0,6 mm, penetrating with anal condom 0,2 mm, penetrating with anal condom 0,4 mm, penetrating with anal condom 0,6 mm, penetratable with vaginal / anal condom 0,2 mm, penetratable with vaginal / anal condom 0,4 mm, penetratable with vaginal / anal condom 0,6 mm

Glide juice splatter for latex vagina

With splashing latex vagina, without splashing latex vagina


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, Dimension


black, transparent, smoky gray, red, white (cream), pink, plum, purple, lilac, translucent lilac, light blue, royal blue, metallic blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, green, jade green, metallic gold, metallic silver


0,25 mm, 0,4 mm, 0,6 mm, 0,8 mm, 1,0 mm


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