Enema balloon plug inflatable, knobbed


Latex inflatable enema plug with pressure ball and valve.
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Inflatable enema balloon plug, made of 0,8 mm latex, with pressure ball and valve.

Dimensions (deflated):

  1. Length (from balloon tip to shaft to connection to apron below): 8,5 cm
  2. Shaft diameter: 2 cm (does not inflate, so that the sphincter muscle is not further stretched)
  3. Balloon diameter: 4 cm
  4. Length of enema hose: 30 cm
  5. Air hose length: 40 cm

Our latex balloon plug is a unique toy for everyone who is interested in latex and BDSM. This plug is made of high-quality latex and has an inflatable ball that ensures an individual adjustment to the body. The plug can thus be perfectly adapted to individual needs and preferences.

The latex balloon plug has a smooth surface and an ergonomic shape that ensures a pleasant and comfortable fit. The plug has a narrow tip for easy insertion and a wide base for a secure fit. The inflatable ball is inflated via a handy pump that allows for controlled and precise adjustment.

The balloon plug's latex material is skin-friendly, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin types. In addition, it is very durable and easy to care for. The plug can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap and will retain its shape and color even after many uses.

The knobbed latex balloon plug is a versatile toy that can be used for solo play or as an adjunct to BDSM play. The inflatable ball increases the feeling of fullness and pressure, which can lead to more intense and exciting experiences.

Our latex balloon plug is the perfect toy for anyone looking for a unique and versatile sex toy. Give it a try and experience the thrilling and arousing possibilities this plug has to offer.


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