Enema double balloon plug inflatable


Latex inflatable enema plug with pressure ball and valve.
Choose if you want an enema bag.

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Extension to pulsating orgasm pump

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Inflatable enema double balloon plug made of 0,8 mm latex with pressure ball and valve.
You can choose to leave one balloon inside and one balloon outside, or insert both latex balloons.


  1. Length (from the tip of the balloon over both shafts to the connection to the apron below): 14 cm
  2. Diameter shaft each: 2 cm (does not inflate, so that the sphincter muscle is not stretched further)
  3. Diameter balloon each: 4 cm (inflated upper balloon 6 cm, lower balloon 5 cm. Maximum not reached.
  4. Length of enema hose: 50 cm
  5. Air hose length: 40 cm

Optionally with orgasm pump

A large pressure ball is also attached, which lies between the air hose and the pressure ball with valve.
By pressing the large pressure ball, both latex balloons inflate. Releasing the pressure ball causes a size reduction back to the inflated state. Repeated pressing causes the latex balloons to pulsate and the prostate massage leads to an orgasm


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