Gas mask with resuscitator


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GP5 gas mask with breathing tube and ambulance bag. Hose lengths 50 / 55-60-80-105 cm and in sizes 0Y (extra small) to 4Y (extra large, only gray). Hose and Ambu bag are removable.

Consists of:

  • Black GP5 gas mask
  • Breathing tube (lengths to choose from: 45, 50-55, 60 and 105 cm).
  • resuscitator
  • Standard NATO DIN Ghost 40 mm connector, fits many other gas mask types *)
  • Standard set: gray GP5 gas mask 2Y with 50-55 cm breathing tube and ambulance bag.

*) Connection with 40 mm thread fits many other gas mask types like S6, S10, Russian, Polish, Israeli, German etc. and most full face masks.

Mask sizes:

For a perfect fit choose between the sizes 0 (extra small), 1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (large) and 4 (extra large). Default: 2 (medium)


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