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In this suit, you can really let yourself go: The new DUDEA Heavy Rubber catsuit is completely waterproof, both from the outside and the inside.

The one-piece heavy rubber catsuit made of DUDEA latex offers you

  • Facial open hood, worked on the suit
  • Soft rubber diving boots, worked on the suit
  • Rubber seal on the wrist, worked on the suit
  • Real waterproof zippers on the shoulder and in the crotch.
  • Optionally with waterproof zips on the nipples (eg for Stromspiele)

The latex material thickness is always 1,0 mm

The suit is cut loose and does not fit tightly. It offers freedom of movement and also space for everything you want to add or carry underneath.
The waterproof back zipper is extra long for easy entry into the suit. We also have a long, sturdy loop on the zipper that makes it easier to close the zipper.

You do not want to take off this suit anymore. The DUDEA latex fragrance infatuates you even more and supports you with your completely relaxed relaxation in rubber.

(Gasmask and military hat shown on photos are not part of the delivery.)

  • You do not always find yourself in a size chart, is between two dimensions. All latex products are also made to measure. If necessary, please select this option in the size selection.

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