Intestinal snake made of natural latex


DUDEA intestinal snake made of natural latex, extremely soft and flexible, 90 cm insertion length.
1,5 to 2,5 cm in diameter. Please see more details below in the description.

Delivery time: 30 working days

DUDEA Glide & Play (100ml)

Still need lube for easier insertion? DUDEA Glide & Play is suitable for latex and, as it is food-safe, also safe for mucous membranes.

Latex wix piss bubble

Would you like to really let yourself go during anal pleasure, absorb everything safely and experience the ultimate rubber feeling?

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The DUDEA intestinal snake made of extremely soft natural latex with an insertion length of 90 cm is extremely flexible and adapts perfectly to all turns and gives a deep intestinal orgasm.

The rubber handle at the end of the latex gut snake fits firmly in the hand and helps with slow insertion as well as with pulling out. You stay in control.
Since the transparent latex of the rubber grip is thicker, it is more colorful than the latex snake itself.


  1. Bottom diameter: 1,5 cm
  2. Diameter at top end: 2,5 cm
  3. Insertion length: 90 cm


  • natural latex

Recommended accessories

  • DUDEA Glide & Play: For easier insertion, we recommend DUDEA Glide & Play (Link: opens a new window) from the DUDEA CARE series. Glide & Play is an odorless, absolutely latex-compatible lubricant with a slightly sweet taste. DUDEA Latex Glide & Play is food-safe and therefore safe for contact with mucous membranes.
  • Latex Piss Wix Bladder (Link: it opens in a new window) for men: Customers say the DUDEA Latex Piss Wix Bladder is the ultimate rubber feeling they have never experienced: whether they want to milk themselves, massage themselves to a climax or simply want to urinate in a relaxed manner during anal pleasure, the Latex Piss - Wixblase absorbs everything. Choose between two variants:
    1. the DUDEA double ring system: two solid rubber rings are attached to the shaft of the bladder, which close in front of and behind the individual ring on the slip. This keeps the bag on the slip, but can also be removed at any time. Both rings have an inner diameter of 4 cm.
    2. a thinner ring (approx. 1,5 mm thick) that can be easily stretched to get the testicles into the pouch. The bag is of course firmly attached to the body and does not fall off.

    If you do not make a choice, we will manufacture the bladder with the double ring system.
    The latex masturbator has a harmonious round shape with a diameter of 15 cm in the middle and a length of 25 cm. The Wixblase is made of soft, stimulating 0,2 mm latex.


DUDEA wishes you a lot of fun, a relaxed and excessive rubber time with the intestinal snake made of natural latex.


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