Latex Lubricant (100 ml)


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DUDEA Latex Glide & Play

Odorless, absolutely latex-compatible lubricant with a slightly sweet taste. DUDEA Latex Glide & Play is food safe and therefore harmless for contact with mucous membranes.
Fertile and beautiful sliding on the skin. Water-soluble and easy to wash, leaves no residue even in textiles.
DUDDEA Latex Glide & Play is also suitable for use with the latex wank bladder, for example.
100 ml in practical dosing closure.

The care series DUDEA Care

DUDEA latex means 2 generations of latex laundry made from natural latex. DUDEA therefore knows what is important when it comes to latex care.
DUDEA Care helps with care and gives the real shiny latex look from which the eyes can no longer turn away!


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