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Captive in rubber.
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Captive in rubber

  • Elaborately made, heavy rubber straitjacket (6,5 kg) made of sturdy 1.0 mm latex.
  • All straps are adjustable in length with metal buckles
  • 2 straps are over the shoulder, through the crotch and back up the back
  • 1 strap in the middle at the front runs from the neck to the hip
  • 1 strap on the neck / neck
  • 5 straps are distributed at the back over the entire back
  • Attached stable mittens with straps and buckles for tight lacing in front of the chest (hands are in front of the chest, buckles are closed behind the back)
  • When all straps are closed, a final strap that straps around the entire body
  • Sturdy metal zipper on the back that closes the straitjacket
  • On the arms, shoulders, and the jacket sides enough metal rings for further fixation.

Latex in the photo is treated with talc and therefore does not shine. The latex straitjacket can be polished to a high gloss as usual with latex.

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