Long stockings with double frills


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If you wear the socks with suspenders, various "problems" can arise: Metal clips (similar to braces clips) can slip off the socks and not hold if the socks are siliconized. Again with the suspenders with button and slider that are commonly used, the latex on the stocking is stretched a lot and can be damaged. If you have suspender straps with a button and slider, we can protect your stockings by preparing reinforced and tear-proof holes on the stockings. To do this, we glue the stockings in the appropriate places with a small circle of fabric and glue them back with latex so that the button of your suspender fits through without any problems and the stocking can no longer tear.
In addition, each stocking receives two suspenders preparations, front and back, which are perpendicular to each other.
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Long latex stockings in 0,4 mm latex, with playful double frills, available in different sizes.
The contrasting color refers to the frills.


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