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The latex panty

Super sharp and tight hot latex panty with solid rubber erection ring with buttoned codpiece. Metal buttons are nickel free.
The erection ring has an inside diameter of 4 cm and can be stretched without problems so far that in addition to the penis and the testicles fit through.
The main color refers to the panty and the contrasting color to the waist and leg bands.

The codpiece

In addition and independently of the panty, choose the material thickness and the color of the codpiece. Thus, for example, the panty itself can be black in the main color and red in the contrasting color and have a material thickness of 0,6 mm, while the codpiece is then manufactured in PRAESERVA or 0,4 mm latex in the color white.

  • This product is made from natural latex without any chemical additives.
  • DUDEA natural latex is of high quality and extremely elastic.
  • DUDEA natural latex is particularly sensitive and exciting on the skin.
  • Latex with sweet, seductive latex fragrance, in which woman and man absolutely want to immerse.
  • Color pigments used are of high quality and, above all, food safe.
  • Typical and unique DUDEA design in latex.
  • DUDEA latex briefs & panties are particularly soft and comfortable to wear, even under daywear.
  • DUDEA latex briefs and panties can be worn for long periods of time without any problems. There are no unpleasant smells.
  • DUDEA latex briefs & panties are seductive and stimulate him even with small, first touches.
  • If not already part of the article, we can also equip all briefs and bodies with cock, testicle and anal rings (+ € 10 per ring).
  • Ring sizes can be selected from 3 to 10 cm in 1 cm intervals (2-3 mm tolerance for ring diameter)
  • Please inform us of your change / addition requests in the text field of the shopping basket. If there is a price change, we will send you an updated order confirmation.
  • You do not always find yourself in a size chart, is between two dimensions. All latex products are also made to measure. If necessary, please select this option in the size selection.


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