Latex Pisshülle with hose


Latex piss cover with 4 cm diameter and 16 cm length. The soft latex tube is attached to the top of the tube with a double seal.
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Latex cover with 4 cm diameter and 16 cm length. The 15 cm long latex tube is attached to the top of the tube with a double seal. The latex hose has an inside diameter of 5 mm and an outside diameter of 9 mm. The case is equipped with the DUDEA double ring system. That is, the two cock rings not only bring him to a permanent stand, but the double rings enclose the lustring of each DUDEA latex pants. Thus, this cover can be worn individually or in combination with any DUDEA pants with Lustring. The DUDEA latex cover is available in different material thicknesses and with different hose lengths.

If you want the sheath shorter, please let us know in the selection box.

With the main color, you choose the color of the shell itself. The contrasting color determines the color of the rubber rings.
The hose is always transparent or black.

  • With the DUDEA Latex Toolbox, you have the opportunity to combine items together to create new latex garments.
  • For example, all our StrapOns fit our panty as well as harnesses for our top or one of our corsages.
  • Our latex covers can be worn on all our briefs, panties and pants with rubber cockring.
  • Harnesses and crotch straps are also interchangeable.
  • This product is made from natural latex without any chemical additives.
  • DUDEA natural latex is of high quality and extremely elastic.
  • DUDEA natural latex is particularly sensitive and exciting on the skin.
  • Latex with sweet, seductive latex fragrance, in which woman and man absolutely want to immerse.
  • Color pigments used are of high quality and, above all, food safe.
  • Typical and unique DUDEA design in latex.

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black, transparent, red, white (cream)

contrasting color

black, transparent, red, white (cream)


0,25 mm, 0,4 mm


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