Self Enema Set


Self-enema set made of DUDEA latex with penis piss cover, inflatable spigot plug and hose connector.
Ready to use.

Delivery time: 30 working days

Color enema plug * 

In which color do you want the enema plug?

Color latex piss sleeve * 

What color should the latex penis sleeve have?

Extension to pulsating orgasm pump

Would you like to extend the plug to an orgasm pump?


Would you like a clysopump with a transparent latex hose (inner diameter 10 mm), black rubber pressure ball and hose connectors?

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The DUDEA self-enema set consisting of:

  • DUDEA latex piss cover:
    • Double ring for connection to DUDEA latex pants with erection ring
    • Latex thickness: 0,2 mm
    • Diameter: 4 cm
    • length: 16 cm
    • Latex tube: 5mm inner diameter, 9mm outer diameter, 30cm length
  • Enema cone plug blowable:
    • Measurements when deflated: 11,5 cm long, 4,5 cm diameter at the base of the plug
    • Flow: 10mm
  • hose connector
  • High-quality pressure ball with release valve

Optionally with orgasm pump

A large pressure ball is also attached, which lies between the air hose and the pressure ball with valve.
By pressing the large pressure ball, both latex balloons inflate. Releasing the pressure ball causes a size reduction back to the inflated state. Repeated pressing causes the latex balloons to pulsate and the prostate massage leads to an orgasm

Optionally with klyso pump

With the klysop pump, you draw liquid from the sheath tube and at the same time pump it into the enema plug.
With transparent latex hose (inner diameter 10 mm) and black rubber pressure ball and valves.

Would you like a different configuration?

If you want a latex testicle condom with a tube or another plug instead of the piss sleeve offered here, please choose ours Configurator for the self-enema set.


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