Vibration in the glans - Wanking Tip 1: Jerk off instructions for men


We are the DUDEA Rubber Couple and would like to share our practical experience in latex for your increased sexual fulfillment

The DUDEA latex manufactory is led by a latex fetish couple who plays even very extensively and sometimes quite dirty in and with latex. During the body exploration, ideas for new latex articles are constantly being created, but also new game variations for even more fun alone or in pairs. We would like to collect part of our gaming experience in the DUDEA latex text series "Wanking Tipps" and gladly share it with you.

The DUDEA series “Wanking Tips” contains detailed descriptions with which you can experience an exciting time - even on your own. The series of texts expands step by step. Clearly: not only does every single publication contribute to increased sexual satisfaction, but the tips and applications can be combined for even more fun. We try to describe our tips and applications as precisely as possible. A small list of resources is also always included. And in some cases, individual tips focus on which erogenous zones are particularly stimulated in men.

Put the detailed, 3-sided Wanking tip into the shopping cart. After the payment process, you will receive a link to download the PDF file.
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