How it all began

DUDEA has a longer history than one would expect, because its predecessor is the L + L latex laboratory in Essen, founded at the end of the 80s. As a family business in the next generation, we rebuilt the production in Elmshorn, near Hamburg. Meanwhile, we are a small team with 5 permanent and partly full-time employees.

The L + L Latex Lab opened one of the first latex online stores and was therefore not only in terms of the latex range, but also in view of the Internet pioneer.

DUDEA latex today

With our five-person team, we process various latices for you: on the one hand, we use natural latex obtained directly from the latex plantations in Malaysia. We use our natural latex without chemical additives to make our own latex sheets and use them to glue our articles from the underwear, clinic & adult play and transformation categories. Here latex production is literally a hot affair, because we need a lot of heat for this.

On the other hand, we process natural latex sheets, which are also made for us in Malaysia, in more than 20 colors and different thicknesses. From this we manufacture catsuits, dresses, pants and much more for you.

All our garments are hand-made with the utmost care in Elmshorn, about 15 km outside of Hamburg. How good that in summer at the entrance to our studio is an ice cream parlor. Not only breaks, but also planning for new product ideas or thinking about how we implement customer requirements, can be wonderfully spent there with a refreshing ice cream.

Our self-image

Our ultimate goal is to more than satisfy you. We are convinced that it is necessary to always offer the best quality. We know which requirements latex clothing has to meet. And especially our rubber lingerie articles are in part particularly stressed in use. Therefore, all our products are always tested to find out where to improve the design and durability.

We would be very happy if you would like our products.

Your family Helmreich